Driver's Area - Whistle Taxi App Limited

Most Important Notes

We are launching on a cash payment basisonly

Upload your documents and add your bank A/Cnumber and debit card

The documents are (i) your white paperGarda licence (ii) your insurance certificate (iii) your paper plate licenceyou get at the suitability centre.

When uploading your document, press UploadFile and take a photo of your document. Enter in the expiry date starting withthe year, then the month, then the date. YYYY-MM-DD. We are sorry about this, but that is how our system is setup. So you have to enter the year first. You can then use a dash between theyear and the month.

Please please please enter the correctexpiry dates for each document. Some drivers are entering the wrong expirydates. That is why they are not getting jobs. It takes a lot of time to correctthese errors, so please enter the correct dates.

Watch this video about uploading documents:

Add your car details in the profile area bypressing Edit.

Please note Choose the correct vehiclelicence type.


Wheelchair licenced vehicles being enteredat Taxis may be stopped from using our service.

Adding your card to Whistle

You will have 2 accounts with Whistle.

A credit card work account, which is allthe jobs you do which were paid by card. All the work you do Monday to Sundaywill be paid to you the following Wednesday. Please make sure you have enteredthe correct bank details in the driver app, payment section. You will receive100% of card work you do. If you do 200 euro worth of credit card work you get100% of that 200 euro.

A top up account, which is an account youuse to pay for your jobs. It is completely secure to add your card to Whistle.Your card details are not stored on our server. When you enter your carddetails they are registered with Elavon, one of the world’s leading paymenthandling service. We create a customer ID, which is not your card number.Elavon also have this customer ID and that is how we can track all the paymentsyou make to your top up account.

Please note, customers who pay by card willnot be obliged to tip. However, there is an allowance to charge card payingcustomers a 5% service charge. Whistle will charge customers this 5% fee whichequates to 1 euro if a fare is 20 euro. This fee helps us pay for our own cardhandling fees and overheads so the you the driver do not have to.

Signing Up to Whistle

1. Download the App from our site.

Use your mobile number and choose a 4 digit PIN you will remember.

2. Register your account using your PSV IDe.g. K1234

choose the CORRECT expiry date please !!!

Upload a photo of your dashboard PSV ID

Wait 1 hour for your account to be verified.

3. Sign In using i) Your Mobile Number ii) Your PIN

4. Upload your documents

i) Your Whiste Paper Garda PSVLicence

ii) Your Insurance Cert (not the disc in the window)

iii) The Paper Plate Licence (not a pic of the tamper proofs)

- this is the doc you get when you pass the suitability

5. Enter your bank details so we can payyou for the card work you do.

6. Enter your own debit card details to topup your Whistle account up with 20 euro so you can work for 1 euro per job.

7. Buy your share in Whistle and pay just50 cent per job per job.